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This is a bit hard to describe without sounding like a complete fool, but perhaps being a fool isn’t so bad. While I was at university I was living in English suburbia and I was surrounded by some pretty good hedges. I thought it would be quite funny to ride my bike into them and somehow take photographs of it.

The title came into my head at almost the exact same time as the idea itself. Initially I was experimenting with a digital camera and a self timer, but these shots were taken on 120mm film. In case it’s not obvious, these were not shot in England, but in Austria where I happened to be on a short holiday visiting friends. I set the photo up, grabbed the bike, and then instructed a friend to press the shutter whenever he thought was a good moment. The whole thing is a bit of a joke really, but I had a great time doing it.


Theo Acworth | Born in the English Countryside, currently exploring Austria.
BA Hons Photography from the University for the Creative Arts Farnham.

I take photographs because they help me remember and enjoy things that I find beautiful, funny, curious, or gnarly. I generally have a pretty good time out and about experiencing our short and hilarious existence with my cameras in hand or pocket. I also enjoy making films and writing rambling stories.