Steven Barritt | Mythographies

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The ancient Greek myths have always held a fascination for artists, writers, poets, musicians, academics and lay people alike. It is this irresistible pull that has allowed the myths to persist through thousands of years, and the sublime works of art they have inspired, that formed the main inspiration for this project. 
The images in this series are contemporary retellings of ancient Greek myths. They attempt to draw parallels between the moral issues at the heart of the myths and the contemporary moral issues we are confronted with in the tabloids every morning. Each scenario is a carefully constructed visual narrative blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality and through various differing approaches questions our notions of truth and the way in which narrative is constructed in the photographic image.
By including myself in the images I am deliberately personalising the work and my relation to the characters and moral concerns. This also adds a performative aspect to the work that allows me to immerse myself in the characters and therefore further blur the boundary of the fiction.

Steven Barritt is an artist, photographer and lecturer based in London. His photographic practice is focused on the idea of ambiguity and the slippage between the photograph and truth, surface and meaning. Starting from a conceptual engagement with research, the work often entails carefully constructed images that explore recurring themes of mythologising, performance, human relations, human endeavour, science and philosophy. 
Employing different approaches and aesthetic strategies his practice explores and interrogates our understanding of the world around us and the relationship between the real and the photographed representation. The transformative and performative nature of photography provides a framework for tactile experimentation, visualisation and considered assembly of images that play with ways of representing complex or problematic issues. 
His work has been presented in varied publications and has been shown both nationally and internationally at institutions, exhibitions and festivals such as The National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers Gallery, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Recontre D’Arles, Voies Off, FORMAT, Riga Photo Month as well as diverse group shows and solo exhibitions.