Simone Bergantini | American standard remix

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This work was carried out re-elaborating a group of 4×5 inch negatives bought in a second hand shop in Brooklyn. They were taken between the end of the fifties and beginning of the sixties very probably by the same person within an area which is relatively near New York City. 

I lived in the United States for 5 months and I decided to talk about what struck me most about the American people, consumerism and its consequent individualism. Use and throw away, no stratifying, always starting from scratch. I recycled pictures which had already been taken and recomposed them to give life to faceless presences where the characters try to co-exist with difficulty, to identifiable places which however are not accessible. 


Simone Bergantini was born in 1977 in Velletri, in the province of Rome. He lives and works between Turin and Milan, where he teaches Photography at the Accademia di Brera since 2013. After a degree in History of Art at the Sapienza University of Rome, in 2004 he moved to Milan where he began his artistic path. He worked for many years as an assistant in the field of Fashion and Advertisment Photography, where he learnt the instruments of that language which remains his primary means of expression today and his favourite field of investigation.

Besides having his work exhibited both in Italian and foreign galleries, in the last years Simone Bergantini won some of the most prestigious national and international photography awards such as the FOAM Talent Call and the Terna prize 02. His work has been published on the foremost international photography magazines such as Der Greif, Blow, Vice, Foam, and also displayed at public and private institutions in Europe, United States and Asia.