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Anne-Sophie Guillet | Komorebi

Komorebi signifie la lumière filtrant à travers les feuilles et les arbres.
Les images présentées sont une sélection de la série Komorebi, série entamée par l’artiste durant sa période de résidence au Japon (Studio Kura) en août et septembre 2016 et poursuivit en août 2017.

Christine Smilovici | Roman familial

Mon oeuvre se définit globalement comme une exploration de processus psychiques, notamment liés à des « traumas » ou attachés à l’histoire familiale . Elle s’exprime par une palette large, faite de multiples : elle convoque la photographie souvent mais aussi le dessin, l’écriture, le collage, la couture

Jean-François Flamey | Untold stories

I start from the premise that if my eyes are not troubled, eyes of the beholder cannot be troubled. To do this, darkness, fog and night plunge me into favourable contexts in relation to my desire to create images. These few pictures from the series «Untold Stories» show what I am looking. They were taken between 2013 and 2015.

Eva Donckers | The Shelter

At night you can see hundreds of stars at the ceiling and during the day a sunny landscape must be viewed.

This shelter was built in the seventies as a protective response to nuclear warfare. At the moment the building is on hold to be incorporated into the policy to receive tourists. The whole house is built under the ground, including as much natural elements as possible.

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John Carrid | Night Cargo

A backroom, also called the darkroom, is a room where, in some gay bars, consumers can meet in the twilight or darkness for sex, can meet without undressing. This room can be converted into labyrinths and small compartments.

Chen Chong | some portrat

Nietzsche believes that our life is a kind of cycle, and the life and lives seemingly belongs to ourselves, in fact, has occurred in the world in an unseen way. Our lives can be previewed, and someday our lives will be reproduced in the same way that we have experienced, while the former will repeat itself indefinitely.

However, the basis of the existence is that the world is absent of reincarnation, lives cannot be rehearsed, what’s more, we can neither compare it with our past life nor make it perfect and then spend it again.

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Olivier Despicht | Mylène 2009-2016

Dans l’entrée de la maison, située dans un quartier résidentiel de Lille, Olivier Despicht a installé un dispositif très simple, conquis sur l’espace domestique utilitaire : un tabouret est posé devant un mur revêtu de fibre de verre, éclairé à 90° par une fenêtre orientée à l’ouest, dont un rideau peut occulter la partie inférieure.

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Eli Craven | Spread

Eli Craven’s work explores the role of images in processes of socialization, specifically their relationship to identity, death, and desire. The acts of looking and
collecting are central to his process. He gathers imagery and objects from estate sales, secondhand markets, and digital archives, and they are reconfigured to
interrogate the ostensible values of the original. Using photography, sculpture, and collage he creates works aimed at forming narratives that brim with new
possibilities—engaging viewer’s senses with the familiar, the bizarre, the mundane, and the erotic.

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Anna Broujean | Un Grand Sens de la Convivialité


A Deep Sense of Conviviality is an index of green plants located in public areas of Shanghai (subways, banks, police stations, museums, official buildings …)
The green plants have been precisely geolocated, measured and weighted with the following limitations : if the plant is taller than the artist, will be indicated > 1m68. If the plant is too heavy for the artist to carry, will be indicated > 30 kgs. The color of the plant is named after the closest color on a painting catalogue for living rooms.
Pot included in the archival.
A Deep Sense of Conviviality ironically questions China’s continual surveillance and police state.

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Musta Fior | Collages

Ces collages sont issus d’une grande série intitulée “FSRP”. Ils sont réalisés uniquement avec des chutes de papiers qui ont été découpés pour être utilisés à la réalisation de séries de collages plus figuratives. Dans cette série, il n’y a pas de thématiques, il s’agit simplement et seulement de composer des collages spontanés, instinctifs, impulsifs.

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