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Schläfli symbol

In geometry, the Schläfli symbol is a notation of the form {p,q,r,…} that defines regular polytopes and tessellations.

The Schläfli symbol is named after the 19th-century Swiss mathematician Ludwig Schläfli, who generalized Euclidean geometry to more than three dimensions and discovered all their convex regular polytopes (including the six that occur in four dimensions).

Luke Harby (b. 1972) is an artist who works solely with photographic film.

His work attempts to explore the nature of photography itself. It engages with the act of photographic production and reproduction; the fact (or fiction) that photography is merely representation; and that all photographic images are illusory.

Given this dogma he enjoys the act of manipulating the subject, using tricks of scale, displacing or adjusting the context, or by vandalising the picture in some way in order to rephotograph it.

Recent work has been shown with Hand Magazine, Humble Arts Foundation, Noice Magazine, Float Magazine, Streitlab and Lumen London. In 2018 he completed two residencies. He lives and works in Northampton, UK.Luke Harby | Schläfli symbol


Luke Harby
Artist working with photographic film. b. 1972 Southampton, UK Lives and works in Northampton, UK

Solo Exhibitions
Obsolete Portraits July 2016. NN Contemporary Project Space, Northampton. UK

Fernet Branca April 2015. Bear Sign, Glasgow. UK Collaboration with Amy Pettiffer

North November 2004. Roadmender, Northampton. UK


Group Exhibitions (selected) The Hand Magazine. Issue 24 March 2019. Kansas, US

Falling Stars / Stella Cadenti January 2019. St Pancras Crypt Gallery. London, UK

Numerology. Group Show 59 December 2018. Humble Arts Foundation. New York. US

Face With Tears Of Joy November 2018. Burns Street Studios. Northampton. UK

Cosmic Perspectives May 2018. Lumen Studios. The Ugly Duck. London. UK

NN Open Biennial January 2018. NN Contemporary. Northampton. UK

Artificial Things November 2017. Cambridge University. UK

Making it Real October 2017. London Alternative Photography Collective. The Ugly Duck. London. UK

Point to Point October 2017. Avenue Gallery. University of Northampton. Northampton. UK

ExperimentoBio September 2017. Bilbao. Spain

Radiant Opacity August 2017. Intercession Gallery. Northampton. UK

Alternative Reality June 2017. Float Magazine. New York. US

Darkroom Abstraction June 2017. Darkroom Gallery. Vermont. US

Mono May 2017. PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

MK Calling. Biennial Open April 2017. Milton Keynes Gallery. UK

Lumen: School of Light February 2017. Lumen Studios. The Ugly Duck. London. UK

AA2A November 2016. University of Northampton. UK

‘Roid Rage. Group Show 50 October 2016. Humble Arts Foundation. New York. US

Develop and Prosper February 2008. NN Contemporary (formerly The Fishmarket). UK. Collaboration with Phil Sharp

[No title] June 2006. University of Northampton. UK

AA2A February 2003. University of Northampton. UK


Residencies Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. October 2018. Nr Kettering. Northamptonshire. UK

Lumen Studios. August 2018. Atina, Italy.


Collections Private collections in UK, Europe and USA NN Contemporary Bear Sign COD Magazine Music for Squares Getty Images EYEEM iStock

Education History University of Gloucestershire Fine Art Degree. BA Hons