Jean-François Flamey | Untold stories

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My name is Jean-François Flamey, a self-taught photographer based in Namur, Belgium. B° 1972.

Member of plateform / collective Aspëkt.

I start from the premise that if my eyes are not troubled, eyes of the beholder cannot be troubled. To do this, darkness, fog and night plunge me into favourable contexts in relation to my desire to create images. These few pictures from the series «Untold Stories» show what I am looking. They were taken between 2013 and 2015.
In the manner of presenting my work, I often juxtapose images without a real apparent link between them, if it is the one that the observer creates from his own imagination… This is exactly the same state of mind in my book «Non Dits» that just came out (Editions Yellow Now).

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