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Nietzsche believes that our life is a kind of cycle, and the life and lives seemingly belongs to ourselves, in fact, has occurred in the world in an unseen way. Our lives can be previewed, and someday our lives will be reproduced in the same way that we have experienced, while the former will repeat itself indefinitely.

However, the basis of the existence is that the world is absent of reincarnation, lives cannot be rehearsed, what’s more, we can neither compare it with our past life nor make it perfect and then spend it again.

I want to show all the essence and origin of human beings through my works, so I choose to compare the human landscape and scenery with the human body, and trying to prove and find the relationship from different living life.
Chen Chong


08.1988 Born in ZheJiang
Lives and works in HangZhou


publications and exhibitions

2017 published in a popular photography;
2016 published in a magazine called lola who
2016 published in a French magazine called Velvet Eyes
2015 published in a French magazine called Fisheye
2015 published in Norway magazine called Fotografi
2015 published in association of Chinese photographers and international images
2015 published in international art website of Ignant
2015 published in vision
2015 joined “restaurant of food and sex” exhibition in 138 art warehouse in Qingdao.


2015 Won the photography award in second “oversteps the line” competition.