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Appelez-moi Victoria is a visual archaeology that explores elements of memory, genealogy and exile. The project raises the more general questions on the above, taking the Italian immigration in France and its impact as a starting point. I address issues of self definition, the discovery of one’s own roots and indeed my own generational journey and what is meant by historical memory.I balance between reality and fiction between research and personal quest, on psychic and mystical levels, concerning my origins. I create a composition of elements assembled from immigrants’ children’ stories while exploring my own memories evaporated in time. Inspired by the theories of Alejandro Jodorowsky on psycho-genealogy and psycho-magic. This project is an investigation of forgotten aspects of my family history out of focus. Appelez-moi Victoria is a hymn to tales and to roots, striped of patriotism and nationalism, which underlines issues of immigration, a rather sensitive and time relevant subject. This project is about emotional legacy; it’s about a ritual passage which has left its signs, its marks, for future generations to witness but never live again. Why abandon our roots on the border? Children of exile, what will be our heritage be?

This project was realized as part of Residence 1+2 Photography and Sciences in Toulouse in 2018 and published by Filigranes Editions in the collective book box L’Origine Manquante  with Smith and Prune Phi. Also published in Fisheye Magazine, Phases Magazine, Yogurt Magazine, Analog Magazine and selected by Fotolimo 2019 and Festival Diecixdieci in Italia.

Born in Marseille in 1989, Camille Carbonaro lives and works in Brussels. She is a photographer, visual artist and publisher. She founded her self publishing house Macaronibook and also EAT MY PAPER, an itinerant and eclectic self-publishing platform that offers workshops and reflects on independent publishing. After theoretical studies on photography in the University of Paris VIII she focused on documentary photography pursuing her studies in the ESA Le 75 in Brussels. Her projects revolve around fiction, reality and poetry while the image-document is strongly present. Identity, memory and self-construction are her particular interests. Mixed media – photography, writing, alteration of archives, embroidery, printing experimentation – is essential to the development of her projects. The book object is also at the heart of her process: the harmony between paper and picture. 

Born in Marseille in 1989, Camille Carbonaro lives and works in Brussels. She is a photographer, author, visual artist and publisher . She founded MACARONIBOOK and also EAT MY PAPER: itinerant and eclectic self-publishing platform based in Brussels, that offers workshops and reflections on independent publishing.

2015 – 2017 Book-binding, Arts School
Jean Jacques Gailliard, Bruxelles, Belgique
2016 Arts Bachelor in Photography,
ESA le Septantecinq, Bruxelles, Belgique
2012 Arts Bachelor in Photography,
Université Paris VIII, Paris, France
2010-2011 Assistant Photographer of Baudouin, Paris
2010 Art Bachelor in Design, Université de Nîmes, France

2019 Collective exhibition, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Espace Vanderborght
Festival Fotolimo 2019, Cerbere & Portbou
Festival Diecixdieci, Gonzaga, Italia
Collective exhibition Copy Machine at PrintRoom, Rotterdam
2018 Collective exhibition at Galerie Jean Paul Barres,Toulouse
Tique Salon #15 at Tique Art Space, Antwerpen
Itinerant exhibition Fusée de la Motographie at C/O Berlin, Les Rencontres
d’Arles, Le Bal, Foto festiwal Lodz…
VANDALS curated by Fotogang Milano Photo Week 2018 at BASE, Milan
2017 «Le 75 se livre» at Librairie Peinture Fraîche, Bruxelles
EXILS duo show with Katrin Streicher at Galerie Fotofabrik, Berlin
Cocktail Sous les Tropiques at La Vallée, Bruxelles
Collective exhibition of photobooks «Thelibrary» at Tête Gallery, Berlin
2015 Pomaks at Maison Bergamini, Bruxelles
Festival Livresse #17 at Le vecteur, Charleroi
Pomaks at Canal Warf, Bruxelles
2014 Oh Fatche Pilou at Tour & Taxi, Bruxelles
Online exhibition Le Lac Gelé, Nîmes

2018 Laureate Résidence 1+2 Hors les murs, Castelnau d’Estretefonds
Laureate Résidence 1+2 #2018 with SMITH & Prune PHI, Toulouse
2017 Shortlisted Résidence Lumière d’Encre, Céret
Laureate Galerie Fotofabrik, Berlin
2015 «Le Salon de La Claque», Le BRASS, Bruxelles

Book fair & Talks
2019 (november) Talks about self-publishing, ISELP, Bruxelles
Photobooks Switezerland, Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne
+ Talk «How to Photobook» with Margo Stankiewicz & Anastasia Mityukova
Selfpublishing fair, Floreal Belleville, Paris
2018 Monstre Festival, Geneva
Talk about self-publishing, Hors Format, Festival Microscopie, Lille
Unseen Book Market Amsterdam (Tipibookshop)
Immigrazione violenza dell’anima selected by Funzilla Photozine 2018
2017 Anti-Aufklärung #3, Point Ephémère, Paris
Gazebook Photobook Festival, Sicile
2016 Photobook Festival Liège
Festival Tenderete Valencia (Jean Guichon Editeur)
Bristol Photobook Festival (Tipibookshop)


2019 Analog Magazine
Yogurt Magazine
Takeover TjejLand ‘s Instagram
Phases Magazine
Fisheye Magazine #34
2018 Fisheye Magazine #32
L’origine manquante with Smith and Prune Phi, Éditions Filigranes
Sciences et Avenir
FOTOcult Magazine (selection of Funzilla Photozine Festival)
Reponses Photo
Fisheye Magazine Website
Takeover Photocaptionist ‘s Instagram
2017 Impressa Magazine
Funzilla Photozine Festival’s blog
BANDE DE gros durs published by Bande De Edition
2016 Trendhustler
2015 Koolkidsklub #7
Amertume #1, Les Editions Croque Madame, Lyon

Workshops – Teaching
2019 Atelier Fanzine & Aboyeur newpaper, Club Antonin Artaud, Bruxelles
2018 Atelier Fanzine, Centre Culturel de Jette, Bruxelles
Atelier Fanzine, Brussels Gallery Weekend 2018
Atelier Fanzine, KASK School of Arts, Gent
Atelier Fanzine, La ligue 31 Lycée Eugène Montel, Colomiers
Atelier Fanzine et reliure, Galerie E2, Bruxelles
Atelier Fanzine, Librairie Peinture Fraîche, Bruxelles
2017 Atelier Fanzine, Haute école INRACI, Bruxelles
Atelier Fanzine, Week of the Photobooks, Fotomuseum Antwerp
Atelier fanzine, Medina Asbl & Apomsa, Bruxelles
Atelier Fanzine, DiscoKids Recyclart Art Center, Bruxelles

2019 (september) Collective exhibition curated by EAT MY PAPER for
Brussels Gallery Weekend
Independent Book Fair, Recyclart Art Center
2018 Itinerant Bookshop EATMYPAPER & Fotogang Milano, Venise
Itinerant Bookshop at Guinguette de Forest, Bruxelles
Itinerant Bookshop at Galerie Bomdiabonjour, Bruxelles
2017 Collective exhibition and small book fair, Galerie E2 Sterput, Bruxelles
Itinerant Bookshop at Gazebook Festival Photobook Sicile
Itinerant Bookshop and workshops, Week of the Photobooks, Braakland
project, FOMU Fotomuseum d’Antwerpen
Itinerant Bookshop, Recyclart Art Center, Bruxelles
Independent Book Fair, Recyclart Art Center
2016 Itinerant Bookshop at La Tricoterie, Bruxelles
Itinerant Bookshop at Supermarket Superstrat, Bruxelles

Available books at
Fotogang Bookshop (Milano) Tipibookshop (Bruxelles) Monte-en-l’air (Paris)
ZINES OF THE ZONE (Europe) EATMYPAPER (Bruxelles) Colophon (Paris)
ZINES OF THE WORLD (Londres) Le Bal Book (Paris) & David Solo’s