Anna Haoutoff | California

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Although I was born the other side of Atlantic ocean, my heritage was tinted with the power of American imagery. My eyes bathing in commercials, movies, and everything else that life was at the time, bathing in various pieces of a puzzle called the American dream.
Soon I realized everything had a visual appeal, it all seemed arranged in such proficient order, as if it were standing still for me – only waiting for a photograph to be taken.
I started working on my largest project so far, entitled Americana, for which I have spent time photographing and documenting the differences as well as the similarities between each and every American state.
I like to play on repetition, thus suggesting and illustrating my own pace in each state.
Far from the ubiquitous American road-trip diary, my work aims to explore an often neglected aspect of the American landscape that is nature.
I am looking at textures, shapes, colors, I am talking about matters of spiritual nature, hoping to eventually lift the veil on the mysteries of Native American culture.
I put together series of photographs and document my time meticulously.
The recurrence and mirroring of themes aspire to set a certain rhythm in motion to the -photographic works, following my own odyssey, scenic and vibrant alike.



Anna Hahoutoff is a French/Russian self-taught photographer born in 1993 in Paris from a French mother and a Russian Father.
She lived in St Petersburg for the first eleven years of her life and then moved back to France.
She lived in the UK, Ukraine and several others places in Europe. Anna is currently based between America and France and working on a large scale photography project gathering series, documenting each American state.
With Americana, her core photographic work, she reveals the beauty and efficiency of the American dream imagery looking through a Russian lens.
Shooting almost exclusively in digital and color, Anna’s photographs navigate textures, shapes and colors.
Her scenic, rhythmic series all intertwine and together knit a canvas where her journeys seeking spiritualism appear clearly. Hahoutoff is an active member of the Live Wild collective.
Working as a freelance photographer for the past two years, she’s seen her works published worldwide both online and in print.
Publications include Contributor Magazine, Dazed and Confused, The Youth Quake, Landlocked, Perjus Magazine, Ballad Of Magazine, The Latent Image, C-41 Magazine, Contemporiste, Amuse, Heaps, Minimal Zine, Arcademi, Archive Collective, The Plantation Journal among others.