Alexandra Serrano | Théorie de la Cachette

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Théorie de la Cachette is a photographic series that depicts the forest as a place of initiation and learning where wandering turns into a journey of emancipation. Carried by playing and daydreaming begins a quest for identity scattered with obstacles, singular rituals and secret hideaways. A need to tame ambiguous and suspicious places. To transform the landscape by giving it a certain theatricality in an attempt to reinvent a daily life that has been overtaken by the banal and the ordinary.
In this game of hide and seek between fantasy and reality the hut, the cabin, the cave, play an essential role. Natural and unruly, these constructions are part of the forest: mythical land full of mysteries and illusions. They blend into the surrounding nature, taking up the colour of the seasons until their destruction. Temporary shelters or secondary homes they guarantee a quiet and protected rest, a timeless moment away from the world which can still be contemplated without the fear of being seen.
Found or built these refuges escape the ordinary spatial categories, forming unique territories, heterotopias halfway between a geographical reality and human imagination. Hideouts where eclectic findings and valiantly earned trophies are carefully stored. Sacred places where fantasies of freedom and promises of escape are finally fulfilled. But if the hut and the cavern accompany the traveller in his quest, they are also the nightmare that awaits every dream for they can as well be uncanny and forbidden places inhabited by harmful individuals. Ambushes that can quickly turn into prisons if one was to fall into them.
Alexandra Serrano | Théorie de la Cachette | 2014-2015