Osvaldo Sanviti | Le soleil moribond

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In 2009 I was trying to start again with my long-term project of female portraits began in 1996 and stopped for about 3 years.
One day I came across on the internet on one of these live sex chats: they are public live videos where girls try to bring in private registered visitors (members) to earn money. 
The first thing that struck me was the loneliness of the subjects, in their rooms among neon lights and closed windows, when they are in a state of intimacy with themselves, almost as if they had forgotten to be visible to an audience.
My intention is to document these women as individuals, not in a voyeuristic way, not while they are “selling” their bodies on the private video chats.
I like the live dimension of these videos, of the life flowing, the strength of unplanned and unscripted situations; I love this feeling of waiting to meet the right subject in the right situation with the right light.
In fact, unlike other web-based works where artists select pictures from an huge pre-existing archive, in this case it is real life in real time: the internet not only as an archive of still pictures, but as a window on real lifes flowing before our eyes in real time.
For me, it is as if these images came from another world, where the sun never shines, a world without human contact, without love: just solitude and artificial light.