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The Spectacle Of Nature

Nature has its own unremitting cycle. She needs no settings, no embellishment. But Americans are no ordinary people.
And they did not build such an empire on average representations for satisfactory feelings sake. They hit hard and they went for the extraordinary, the amazing, the incredible. In everything. The amount of adjectives to describes these feelings are as immense as the energy they put in creating such marking settings. 

They may have one of the most impressive industries of entertainment and excel in transforming mundane into spectacular. I came across a few places where entertainment had been built around nature. Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Nature Themed Parks, Natural History Museums, and I was amazed at how much care and creativity was put into building outstanding settings to fit these expositions. Murals narrate stories of the wild jungle, there are sounds here and there of a bird that isn’t there, subtle lights, sophisticated scenery recreating with impressive accuracy the original surroundings of the animal, the plant we’re observing. Plastic plants stand alongside real animals, real flowers accompany embalmed animals. The spectacle of nature is offered manipulated by human hands, in all the glory it can have, in a cage.


Lila Khrosrovian is an Armenian/Lebanese photographer.
She was born in Armenia in 1987 and moved to Lebanon when she was 12.
She graduated from Amasia Art school 2008 and majored in Photography and Fine Arts from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2012.
Whether it is with Petrichor, or The Spectacle Of Nature (Dusk / Dawn) Lila’s work weave an ode to nature in all its forms. Growing up in a very remote part of the Armenian countryside she learnt to attache great attention to her surroundings. Active both in animal rights and nature protection organizations, she uses her photographic works to immortalize the wonders of the nature around us and the way its presence affects our daily lives. Lila relocated in California where she often works in National Parks. She currently lives in Los Angeles and works on a new project about the encounter of artificial and natural.