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Published in Revue l’héliotrope #05 “Au quotidien” – April 2011

Most of these pictures were taken during my days at the office, or during business trips. They’re my little view on the relative lack of purpose of being an upper-middle-classEuropean during the current post-industrial transition, where belief in progress has long since disappeared, and yet people still carry on with their breathless life. They relate the dehumanization resulting from living in standardized suburbs, working in offices which used to be sanitized but don’t age well and, depending on the week’s agenda, commuting in medium range airplanes or a grey middle-sized automobile.

Né en 1979
vit et travaille à  Paris (F)


2013 ISSP 2013, Latvia, Todd Hido workshop class
2010 Dolorès Marat at Atelier de Visu, Marseille
2009 JH Engström at Stillmoving, London
2008 Claudine Doury at Rencontres d’Arles