Anne-Sophie Guillet | Nowhere / Now here

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Nowhere / Now here – features teenagers and young adults against a green backdrop – these places enables us to lose in thought.- They are here, but they are always also there, elsewhere. They are often pictured in green alleys, dressed casually, in an hectic posture and they appear as if caught in an off moment. They appear lost, unaware of the viewer’s gaze and immersed in their own unconscious. The viewer is the only one that gazes freely on the image surface. It is a project that foreshadows transitions; of childhood to adolescence or adolescence to young adults. It emphasize the awkward feeling of non-belonging, of ‘in-betweeneness’. They seem off-center and present at the same time.



Anne-Sophie Guillet is a French photographer, born in Oxford,UK. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 with an MFA in visual arts/photography,BE.

She received the Roger de Conynck/ fondation roi Baudouin prize in 2013 and got selected laureate of the ‘proposition d’artistes 2013’ at the Espace photographique Contretype in Brussels. She has exhibited in various places and has recently been part of the Mt Rokko International Photo Festival in the Emerging Photographers Show 2016, Kobe, JP. She is currently doing a residency in rural Japan at Studio Kura.