Anna Broujean | Un Grand Sens de la Convivialité

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A Deep Sense of Conviviality is an index of green plants located in public areas of Shanghai (subways, banks, police stations, museums, official buildings …)
The green plants have been precisely geolocated, measured and weighted with the following limitations : if the plant is taller than the artist, will be indicated > 1m68. If the plant is too heavy for the artist to carry, will be indicated > 30 kgs. The color of the plant is named after the closest color on a painting catalogue for living rooms.
Pot included in the archival.
A Deep Sense of Conviviality ironically questions China’s continual surveillance and police state.

Born in 1987 in Paris, Anna Broujean graduated from the French National School of Photography in 2015. Multifarious artist, her work is stampled with humor and mixes several mediums such as photography, text, sound, sculpture and installation. Kitsch lover, compulsive images collector, personal and institutional archives give rise to an inexhaustible stories material. Part of the 59th Salon de Montrouge (France) in 2014, her work has been amongst others shown in Marseille, Paris, London, Berlin, Montreal and Shanghai. Winner of the Roederer prize at the Planche(s) Contact festival in 2015, she’s been welcomed in artistic residencies in France, Canada and China. She currently lives in Athens, Greece.